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    Yingang Industrial Park No. 71 South Road, Chongqing District of Beibei City Xing
    Time:2017-07-08    Source:    Views:3643
    Liu Yi, male, born in 1962, Renshou County, Sichuan. In 1985, graduated from Chengdu University of Science and Technology, high polymer materials, has worked in a military enterprise and general electric appliance (GE) company. Beginning in May 1997 and was established by Liu Xin Forte enterprises, after years of development, has become a complex group of R & D, production and sales in one of the.
    Mr. Liu Yi adhere to honesty belief in life, adhere to the "technology to create the advantages of product quality as the core, the pursuit of personalized market leading enterprise" business philosophy, to lead the enterprises rely on technological progress and scientific management, continuous reform and innovation. The enterprise has passed ISO/TS16949, ISO9001, GB/T24001-2004/ISO14000, GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS18001:2007T, 3C and other enterprise system certification. And the establishment of research collaboration with Sichuan University in 2001; research center of Chongqing University of Science and Technology jointly building coating material in April 2017 and long-term cooperation, provides a powerful technical support for the enterprise product performance optimization.
    Mr. Liu Yi has a strong sense of social responsibility and sense of mission for the power enterprise, abide by the law, abide by the moral bottom line, public spirited undertakings, and actively support the party and trade unions organized a "donation" and "love donation", to create a human environment good, won praise from all sectors of society, the Futai enterprises has been leading the development of the industry leading enterprises.
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